Painted Desert Gallery was created by three artistic friends that have a great appreciation for Southwest culture. Primary owner and creator of Painted Desert Gallery, Carol Emerson had the idea to open the gallery in an office space she uses during the week. With the help of friends Rose Principe and AJ Nutter, the three were able to put their minds together to create an art gallery on Duke Street.

The name ‘Painted Desert Gallery’ was inspired by a trip to New Mexico and a great interest the three have for western culture and lifestyle. It is also symbolic of the gallery’s mission as it depicts a unique attribute: promoting art that involves a contemporary idea or concept while also welcoming traditional but original artwork.

Carol, Rose and AJ are all open minded individuals who strive to be a major part of the art community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster is getting more and more recognition for being a major art city in Pennsylvania. However, Lancaster represents only a small portion of art including traditional landscapes and folk art. Painted Desert Gallery caters to artists who have the ability to form ideas behind their art instead of creating something for the sake of copying an image.

For more information about exhibiting your artwork, please contact us.

Carol is a mixed media collage artist. She uses various types of handmade papers and ribbons to depict landscapes and scenery from travels. contact Carol at

Rose is a painter and works mostly in oil paint. She is currently working with abstract shapes and figures that have a surreal aspect yet involve tongue-in-cheek humor.  contact Rose at and check out her website at

AJ is a photographer and videographer that works with 35mm as well as digital. He works with all types of subject matter including portraits, night photography, landscapes and abandoned ghost towns. AJ is also a videographer as well as a musician and has won numerous awards for his work. contact AJ at and  visit AJ ‘s website: